jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Jazz Addixx - Soul Expansion (Unreleased & Remixed) (2010)


01. Soul Expansion Introduction
02. At Your Service (Feat. Primo The Cinematic)
03. Feels Good
04. Kama Sutra
05. Say
06. Show Runners (Feat. Primo The Cinematic)
07. BluRum 13 Interlude
08. Broken Record
09. Today’s Lesson (Saint Remix)
10. Bless The Child (Neo Sonic K Murdock Remix)
11. Say (The Unknown Remix)
12. Dope (The Unknown Remix)
13. At Your Service feat. Primo The Cinematic (The Unknown Remix)
14. Show Runners feat. Primo The Cinematic (ST/MiC Remix)
15. Love (The Unknown Remix)
16. Stress (ST/MiC Remix)
17. Love (MUDD Remix)
18. How’s It Feel (MUDD Beat)
19. Im Your (MUDD Beat)
20. Dont Judge (The Unknown Remix)


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