jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Big Remo - Entrapment (2010)


01. The Cast (Prod. By Khrysis)
02. What It Takes (Prod. By AMP)
03. The Game (Tre 4) (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
04. Go (Feat. 9thMatic) (Prod. By M-Phazes)
05. Wonderbread (Feat. David Banner) (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
06. Mo Heat (Quiet Nights) (Prod. By Mo Heat)
07. Girls Most Wanted (Feat. Colin Munroe) (Prod. By Young Guru)
08. Serenity (Prod. By Eric G)
09. Go Ladies (Feat. Robert Alred) (Prod. By Robert Alred & 9th Wonder)
10. Woop Woop (Stand Back) (Feat. Ricky Ruckus & 9thMatic) (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
11. Entrapment (Prod. By Khrysis)
12. What Is Your Name (Feat. Mela Machinko) (Prod. By Fatin)
13. It’s Like That (Prod. By The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
14. Grown Man Biz (Prod. By E. Jones)
15. Without You (Prod. By Ka$h)
16. Nothing’s Gonna Stop (Feat. Tyler Woods) (Prod. By E. Jones)


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