jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Main Flow - Return Of The Castle (2010)


01. The Drawbridge
02. Return Of The Castle (Feat. Esoteric)
03. The Gate (Feat. Donte)
04. All Goes Down (Feat. Ragga)
05. The Dungeon (Feat. Chrissy Depauw)
06. Understand (Feat. Just Brea)
07. The Armory
08. Keep On Loving Me (Feat. Justin Werner)
09. Dark Ages (Feat. Neorah Havva)
10. The Drawbridge
11. Bonus Track: Thank You (Feat. Justin Werner)
12. Bonus Track: Music (Feat. Chali 2Na, Donte & The Grouch)


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