miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

ThinkLoud - Droppin' Mirrors (2010)


01. Wired Spotlight (Feat. Lars Vom Dorf)
02. Girl (Feat. Kev Brown & Kaimbr)
03. Self Portrait (Feat. Trek Life)
04. City Lights (Feat. Oddisee)
05. The Thunder We Feel (Freestyle) (Feat. Terrence Bowry)
06. The New Aerospace Clique (Feat. Kev Brown)
07. Touch Up (Feat. Wolly Vinyl & Black Swan)
08. Fadenfilm (Cinematic Remix) (Feat. Summsemann)
09. Without A Doubt (Feat. Aloe Blacc)
10. U Gotta Find (Feat. Shuanise)
11. Love From Above (Feat. Terrence Bowry)
12. 2 Seconds (Feat. Trek Life & The Unknown)
13. Buy My Pain (Feat. Grand Agent)
14. The Little Death Of A Flower


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