miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Kero One - Kinetic World (2010)


01. Let Me Clarify
02. Kinetic World (Feat. Fashawn)
03. On Bended Knee (Feat. Sam Ock)
04. My Devotion
05. Missing You
06. Time Moves Slowly (Feat. The Tones)
07. Lets Ride
08. Asian Kids (Feat. Tablo Of Epik High, Myk & Dumbfoundead)
09. The Fast Life (Feat. Esna)
10. We Stay Fly (Feat. Othello & Dminor)
11. Remember All That


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  1. oye man ya no esta disponible el link, puedes volver a subirlo por favor

  2. the link is down, can you upload it again? please