domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Yahzarah - The Ballad Of Purple Saint James (2010)


01. Strike Up The Band (Prod. By S1)
02. Why Dontcha Call Me No More (Prod. By Nicolay & Phonte)
03. Cry Over You (Feat. Phonte Of Little Brother) (Prod. By Pure P. & Zo!)
04. All My Days (Feat. Darien Brockington) (Prod. By TheRealFocus)
05. Come Back As A Flower (Prod. By Nate Smith)
06. Dedicated To You (Prod. By Yahzarah)
07. The Lie (Prod. By Nicolay & Phonte)
08. Last To Leave (Prod. By Nate Smith)
09. Have A Heart (Prod. By Robert McDonald & Phonte & Yahzarah)
10. Change Your Mind (Prod. By Nicolay & Phonte)
11. Starship (Prod. By Steve Mckie, Nicolay & Phonte)
12. Shadow (Prod. By Zo! & Yahzarah)
13. Love, Come Save The Day (Prod. By Pure P. & Samuel Lancine)


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