martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Peanut Butter Wolf - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton (1999)


01. Sit Down Shut Up
02. In Your Area (Feat. Planet Asia)
03. Styles Crew Flows Beats (Feat. Lootpack)
04. Casio (Feat. DJ Babu)
05. Barter
06. Hold Up (Feat. Rasco)
07. The Everliving (Feat. Zest)
08. Rock Unorthodox (Feat. Pablo)
09. Top Illin
10. Necromancin (Feat. Dave Dub)
11. Keep On Rockin It (Feat. Charizma)
12. T. Shirts (Feat. Skeeter B. and Thumper circa 1989)
13. Breaks Em Down (Feat. Kazi and Lootpack)
14. Tale of Five Cities (Feat. Cut Chemist and others)
15. Mr. Dibbs
16. Definition of Ill (Feat. Planet Asia)
17. Theme From Peanut Butter Wolf
18. Run The Line (Feat. Rasco and QBert)
19. Phonies (feat. DJ Design)
20. Ten Minutes Left (Feat. Capt. Funkaho)
21. Mobbin (feat. Persevere and Vin Roc)
22. Competition Gets None (Feat. Grand the Vis and Shortkut)
23. Interruptions (Feat. Zest)
24. Hawaii 5000


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