martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Fresh Daily - The Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes Of Passion (2009)


01. Wildlife (Prod. By Illmind)
02. Break A Leg (Prod. By Oh No)
03. Me First (Feat. Tanya Morgan) (Prod. By Analogic)
04. Supaspectacular (Prod. By 2 Hungry Bros)
05. Bullet Tooth Tony (Feat. Cool Calm Pete) (Prod. By Donnan Links)
06. Video Gamin' (Prod. By Frequency)
07. Starter Pistol (Feat. Homeboy Sandman) (Prod. By Dj Spinna)
08. T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) (Prod. By Exile)
09. Untucked Nunchucks (Prod. By Beatz)
10. Trust (Feat. P.Casso) (Prod. By 88 Keys)
11. Gutterman (Prod. By Prism)
12. Love Breakdown (Prod. By Analogic)
13. Crimes Of Passion (Prod. By Illmind)
14. Jedi Academy (Feat. Von Pea, 8thW1, Print & Homeboy Sandman)


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