lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Trife Diesel - Better Late Than Never (2009)


01. Better Late Than Never
02. Wanna Be A Rapper
03. We Get It In
05. Prey Vs. Predator (Feat. Kryme Life And Tommy Whispers)
06. Project Leaders (Feat. Freeway And Termanology)
07. Repectfully (Feat. Ghostface)
08. Listen Carefully (Feat. Tommy Whispers And Kryme Life)
09. Blind Man
10. Live Nigga Night Out (Feat. Ghostface And Wigs)
11. Stronger Man (Feat. Kryme Life)
12. Powerful Minds (Feat. Royce Da 5′9)
13. World Today
14. Direct From The Ghetto (Feat. Tommy Whispers)
15. What Did I Do Wrong (Feat. Slash)
16. Mother Like You (Feat. Mike Payne)


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