domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

The Problemaddicts - The Dark Side Of Oz (2008)


1. The 3rd Roar (Intro) (Produced By Tone & DJ Theory)
2. Over The Colour You Like (Produced By Tone)
3. Money (feat. Platypus Complex) (Produced By DJ Theory)
4. Somewhere (feat. Lex Boogie & Blacastan) (Produced By DJ Theory)
5. Breathe (feat. Agent 23 a.k.a Cactus of G.F.E. & Adam Strange) (Produced By Tone)
6. If I Only Had Brain Damage (Produced By Tone)
7. Syzygy (Produced By Tone)
8. Dead Time (feat. Agent 23 a.k.a Cactus of G.F.E. & Platypus Complex) (Produced By Tone)
9. Home (Produced By Tone & DJ Theory)
10. No Puzzle (Produced By Tone & DJ Theory)
11. Runaway (Produced By Tone)
12. The Last Gig In The Sky (Produced By DJ Theory)


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