sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

AB - Student Of My Dream (2009)


01. Turn Ya ON
02. AB's Theme (prod. by AB)
03. Pay Attention Part I with AB
04. Kiss Yah (prod. by Black Milk)
05. Howard Girls (feat. Brandon Hines, Geno Young & Eric Roberson)
06. AB Is Heartless
07. T3 Speaks On AB
08. Feels So Good (feat. Slum Village) (prod. by Black Milk)
09. Less Than Enough (feat. 14KT)
10. Pay Attention (feat. 14KT)
11. Soul Can You Feel Me
12. Reppin For You (feat. Black Milk) (prod. by Black Milk)
13. Funk Box (prod. by AB)
14. Rockish Funk (prod. by SlimKat78)
15. Black Milk Speaks On AB
16. Go At It (feat. Phat Kat, Elzhi, Black Milk & Bishop Lamont) (prod. by Black Milk)
17. Take Da Funk OFF (prod. by Black Milk)


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