jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

The White Shadow Of Norway - Untouchable (2008)


01. Without A Shadow Of A Doubt (Feat. The Pizdamen)
02. Sick Rhymes (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze and Mr. Malchau)
03. Untouchable (Feat. Verbal Kent and Matlock)
04. Robots (Feat. Clokworx)
05. The East Coast (Feat. Eddie Cane, King Crayon, Knuxx and Enot)
06. LA California (Feat. Tash)
07. Bringin’ It Back Part 2 (Feat. Esoteric and Mic Stylz)
08. That’s That Shit (Feat. IDE, Awkword, L.I.F.E. Long and Shi 360)
09. Obey The Sensei (Feat. Moodswangz and Slaine)
10. Sick With It (Feat. Nabo Rawk and Mic Stylz)
11. Work Hard Play Hard (Feat. Strange Brew)
12. Playtime’s Over (Feat. KrumbSnatcha, Jaysuan and Ripshop)
13. Grand Slam 8Feat. Mic Stylz)
14. Hatin’ Me (Feat. Slaine)
15. The Wizard Instrumental


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