martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Djimon - Real Shit (2006)


1. Intro
2. I Live My Life feat. Free Speech & Willmatic
3. Live Learn Love feat. Godamus Rhyme & Verbal Seed
4. Lost Souls feat. Strange Fruit Project & Mega
5. Into The Warzone feat. Blaq Poet
6. American Werewolf In Paris feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y.
7. Make A Move feat. Focus & Soul
8. Terra Firma feat. SoulStice & Doomsday
9. Southern State Of Mind feat. Akshun
10. 2:08am feat. 208 Dragons
11. The Testimony v2.0 feat. The Undefined (Edgar Allen Floe & Mal Demolish)
12. Real Talk Real shit feat. Tribeca & Free Speech
13. Beautiful feat. Ilwil
14. Visualize feat. Cesar Comanche
15. Bottomless Kids feat. Willmatic
16. Customer Service feat. Diablo Archer
17. I Know feat. Dynas
18. Fuck What You Heard feat. Sean Boog (of The Away Team)
19. Time Is Running Out feat. Tanya Morgan
20. Outro


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