martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

Strange Fruit Project - The Healing (2006)


01. Intro
02. Ready Forum
03. You (The Only Ones) Produced by Illmind
04. Under Pressure
05. Good Times
06. Liberation feat. Toby Produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave of The Foundation
07. Get Live feat. Erykah Badu Produced by Illmind
08. Soul Clap Produced by Jake One
09. Special feat. Thesis Produced by 9th Wonde
10. Pinball Produced by Vitamin D
11. Rise feat. Little Brother Produced by Illmind
12. Cali Cruisin feat. Deloach and Bavu
13. Parachutes feat. Thesis
14. God Is feat. Darien Brockington and Yazarah


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