viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

Psycho Les - Psycho Therapy (2007)


1. Intro
2. The Man
3. Oh My Oh My Ft Jack (Of Psycho Realm) and Sonny (Of P.O.D.)
4. Feel It Baby Ft K-Solo and Black Attack
5. Sho Me Thoze
6. My Music Is Crack Ft Triple Seis
7. Party Rite Here (Its Going Down) Ft G-Wise
8. Drums (Interlude)
9. Unstoppable Ft Willie Stubs and Goblin
10. Bright Lights Ft Columbo
11. Smoke Mad La
12. Grandmas Sandwiches
13. Bounce 4 Me
14. I Know Where You At Ft DJ Honda
15. Big Psych
16. Supa Soul
17. Keepin It Gangsta
18. Get Paid Get Paper


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