lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

A Masstapeace - Time 2 Make Moves (2008)


1. Intro (Produced By: Decap)
2. Two Shots (Produced By: Decap)
3. Who Da Fuck Is This? (Produced By: Legendary Axe)
4. Put You To Shame feat. Slaine (of Special Teamz & La Coka Nostra) (Produced By: Sicknature)
5. Learn Your Lesson (Produced By: Decap)
6. Remain Loyal feat. Skipp Whitman (Produced By: Decap)
7. Some Say (Produced By: Decap)
8. Double Jointed Pt. 1 (Produced By: Decap)
9. Time To Make Moves (Produced By: Decap)
10. Up My Sleeve (Produced By: Legendary Axe)
11. Still Surviving feat. DJD (Produced By: LB)
12. Ruthless Team (Produced By: Beats For Food)
13. Overtime feat. Excetera, Grime Tha MC, Jon Regul (Produced By: Legendary Axe)
14. Double Jointed Pt. 2 feat. Mikey Loyalty, APE$h!T (Produced By: Decap)
15. Focused (Produced By: Decap)
16. I Don't Think They Ready (Produced By: Decap)
17. Bass In His Face (Remix) feat. Mic Stylz, Nabo Rawk (of Porn Theater Ushers), Skipp Whitman, APE$h!T, M-Dot, Grime Tha MC, Jon Regul, Excetera (Produced By: Legendary Axe)
18. Sick Yet? feat. Nabo Rawk (of Porn Theater Ushers), C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: DC The Midi Alien)


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