martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

FS Green - Rookie Season (2009)


02.Backup Staat Klaar (Produced by FS Green)
03.Chickie Halal (Produced by FS Green)
04.Bizz Banascus (Interlude)
05.Clouds Of Fantasy (Produced by FS Green)
06.Give It Up (Produced by FS Green)
07.Bash Fools Ft. Hairo, R. Kay & Spacekees (Produced by FS Green)
08.Preppy Lady
09.Ik Heb Je Ft. Pete Philly (Produced by FS Green)
10.Je Voelt Me (Produced by FS Green)
11.Dough Boy (Produced by FS Green)
12.Driving Down The Freeway Ft. Young Buck & Dion (FS Green Remix)
13.Driving Down The Freeway (Interlude)
15.Succes Ft. Hairo & Jiggy Djé (Produced by FS Green)
16.1 (Produced by FS Green)
17.Met Ons Op Vakantie (Produced by FS Green)
18.Bang Bang & Farid (Interlude)
19.Too Tight (FS Green Remix)
20.Pop Champagne (FS Green Remix)
21.Yap That
22.Future Vintage (Interlude)
23.Chocolate Rain (FS Green Remix)
24.Beat Number Two (Outro)
25.Live Session At Lijn5 Wat Anders (Produced by FS Green)


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