jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

Al' Tarba - Rap, Ultraviolins & Beatmaking (2007)


01. Entrée En Matiére
02. Blood In My Eyes feat. Psych Ward
03. I'm From Brooklyn feat. Ill Bill & Brooklyn Academy
03. Life Is Horror feat. Critical Madness
04. Dad's Records (Lab Skit Pt. I)
05. M.O. feat. Judge Cryptic & Kidd Blaze
06. Devil On My Shoulder feat. Little Vic
07. Le Monde à l'envers feat. Heresie
09. Nightstalkers - Droogz Brigade feat. Mr. Morbid
10. Tables Stakes feat. Ciph Barker
11. Torture Trilogy feat. Bloodline
12. Enemy Remix - Ill Bill feat. Raekwon
13. The Man Who Sold The World Remix feat. Little vic
14. What It Looks Like feat. Cyn Roc, Steven King & Sonsee (of ONYX)
15. Breeze Thru The Dark feat Absouljah
16. 2007 (Lab Skit Pt. II)
17. La Rupture feat. Mysa
18. What It Do feat. Nemz
19. Moloko Rap - Droogz Brigade
20. Naba Wendé feat. Kabor C
21. Twentyfourseven feat. Apes In English & Jise 1 (of The Arsonists)
22. Hell Pits feat. Psych Ward
23. Torture Trilogy Remix feat. Bloodline


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