miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Symbolic One & IllMind - The Art Onemind (2005)


1.Art Of OneMind Intro.
2.Been gone (feat stange fruit project , Proh mic , S'ence)
3.Neva Gone Change Feat. Supastition
4.Club Aquarius Feat. Tree And Dow Jones
5.Hush Feat. Deloach, Myone (of SFP), Kay (of The Foundation)
6.Right Here Feat. Little Brother And Median
7.Blue Notes Feat. Free Agents, Oneself, And Myone (of SFP)
8.Hands Off Feat. K-Otix And Deloach
9.Night Like This Feat. Darien Brockington & Big Pooh (of Little Brother)
10.The Broke Song Feat. Strange Fruit Project
11.The Groove Feat. Organic Thoughts
12.Milk'em (feat Ghostace , Trife , and Myone)
13.Day After Day Feat. Moon Cricket And Verbal Seed
14.Onemind Feat. El Da Sensei And Chip Fu
15.We Three Kings Feat. Myth, Bavu, And Chucky Sly
16.Guilty Pleasures Feat. Kenn Starr And Thesis
17.High Powered Feat. The Procussions


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