martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Jazz Liberatorz - Fruit Of The Past (2009)


01.Music Is My Mind Pt. 1
02.Loop Prisoner
03.What’s Real feat Emanon
04.Dark Keys feat M’Selem
05.What’s Next On The Menu
06.Music Makes the World Go Round feat Declaime (20SYL Remix)
07.Force Be With You feat T.Love
08.Diggin Sound
09.It Was Only A Song
10.Always Something
11.My Style Is Fly feat Fat Lip
12.Capture Your Mind
13.A Paris
14.After Party feat Wildchild (Jazz Lib Remix)
15.That’s Right
16.Mountain Sunlight feat Mos Def
17.-*eathing Pleasure feat Rico
18.Music In My Mind Part 2
19.That’s Reality
20.Blue Avenue
21.Back Packers feat Fat Lip
22.Slow Down
23.Force Be With You (Drum Brothers Remix)
24.My Style Is Fly (Dela Remix)
25.Music Makes The World Go Round feat Declaime
26.What’s Next


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