martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Braille - Box Of Rhymes (2006)

TRACKLIST:1 This year
2 Pour It Out
3 I Wouldn't Do It feat. Surreal, Sivion, Big Rec & Theory Hazit
4 Antena feat. Speech & Neamiah Brooke
5 Evacuate! (prod. by Stro from The Procussions)
6 Box of Rhymes
7 Sound System
8 The Break Out
9 Humility (prod. by Ohmega Watts)
10 Together Not Alone feat. Olivia Warfiel
11 Fresh Coast feat. Othello & Sojourn (prod. by Ohmega Watts)
12 Broken Jaw
13 End of the World (prod. by Stro from The Procussions)
14 This Year DJ Essense Remix
15 Sonset feat. Theory Hazit & Sivion (prod. by Count Bass D)


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